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American Dream

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American Dream


While you’re enjoying the All Blacks three test series against Wales and Ireland and watching the FIFA World Cup, I’ll be in America on a boy’s trip amidst 40 degree heat in the Nevada desert.  How a sports reporter got given time off over this period, I’ll never know, but I’m extremely glad to be escaping wet, cold Auckland for summer in the States.

There are a few things I’m hoping to see and do whilst attempting to live the American Dream like Hunter S. Thompson.

1. A home run.  In my first weekend in San Francisco, my mates and I are off to see “the battle of the bridge” between the Giants and Oakland A’s.

2. Stuff that isn’t there.  In the tradition of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, getting wasted in the vice capital of the world is a must.

John's Carry Bag
My carry bag.
Hulk Hogan. After seeing natural stuff like the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park, I’ll be heading for the fake sights of Hollywood and hopefully catching a glimpse of the actual American Dream.
Hulk Hogan
Hulkamania will never die!  Eat your vitamins brother!

So while New Zealand goes sports mad, I’ll be missing it all. If anyone knows of any websites I can go to to watch the ABs or All Whites, just paste the link in the comments section below.

See you in three weeks!

John Day
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