Battleship review

Published: 10-May-2012 15:05

Battleship is the tie-in to the movie bearing (get it?) the same name. In a lot of ways it is a shame, because the film's poor concept and execution tar the game.

Under its own steam, Battleship would be an exciting and original concept.

Basically as well as your standard first-person shooter mechanics, you also command a growing fleet of ships. This can be done at any time by pushing LB, which also pauses the game (so you don't have to worry about ordering your boats around and a random enemy stumbling upon you and killing you).

It's a highly enjoyable element - while you're trekking along the islands of Hawaii, you're also engaged in naval warfare.

The tiny islands add another great factor. Because you spend the majority of your time on the coastline, you can actually watch the ship-to-ship battles. It's pretty cool and sometimes I'd sit there and just watch them going at it.

One humorous factor is the ability to 'juggle' enemies. If you hit them with one shot, they'll fall over or flinch or something. Then hit them with another, the same happens. You can stagger your shots to juggle three (the most I managed) enemies and not have them fire a single shot at you.

The FPS mechanics are not the best, they're not going to challenge Call of Duty or Battlefield, but they are passable. I've played much worse FPS titles.

The level design does suffer from Mass Effect syndrome, where you know a bunch of enemies are going to appear because all of a sudden a bunch of strategic cover appears.

Graphically it holds its own - better than the Call of Duty titles for sure.

The best way you can enjoy Battleship is to forget it's a movie tie-in. Those games are usually quite bad anyway. Use your imagination and pretend it's a stand-alone game or a Halo spin-off. You'll find it's actually not that bad.


:: Publisher: Activision
:: Developer: Radical Entertainment
:: Format: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
:: Rating: M

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