Victoria Moore will blow your mind

HOLY SHH.....just watch. And thank Duncan Heyde for finding this gem.

Posted on Thursday 30 August 3:39 p.m. Viewed 23978 times.

This could also be of interest...

This could also be of interest...

Girls On Film

In case you haven't noticed, here at The Rock we're big fans of the laaaadies.

And it just so happens that since we got into this internet gig, a whole lot of videos showcasing the beauty of the female form have been brought to our attention. We needed a space on The Rock website for all to come and have a squiz - so here it is, in all its glory! Welcome to Girls On Film.


Girls On Film videos

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Apparantly Monster energy drinks are the work of satan - This crazy woman is on a preach the word of Red Bull? This would make a great advert for for Monsters competitors.

Brazilian hotties run 100m sprint blindfolded and in bikinis because that's what they do on Brazilian TV - Why couldn't this show be part of TV3's new season launch?

Miss Reef video is asstastic - Beautiful. Just beautiful. This is what dreams are made of.

Texas woman smashes the "beer mile" record on her first attempt - The rules are: you run four laps and must down a beer between each one. We could do the beer part fine, it's the running part that would trip us up.

The drunk beauties of the Melbourne Cup 2014 - A collection of the classiest ladies who attended this years Melbourne Cup. Would you like some tea and scones to go with all that booze?

Chicks don FIFA World Cup Body Paint and nothing else - Think we've just become bigger fans of soccer.

Angry chick destroys boyfriends Playstation with car - Soon to be ex-girlfriend. We're sure he tires of her behavior. See what we did there.

April Summers made a Halloween movie which ends with her in her underwear - She didn't want to settle for a normal sexy costume. Oh no, she wanted to be sexy on film and we fully support her.

Brazilian girl in Wonder Woman bodypaint is just wonderful - Can we get the Brazilian TV channel in New Zealand, please?

Ever seen exploding boobs? Well now you have. - Not entirely sure what's going on here. Is it an advert for plastic surgery or just a game? We're really confused. What do you think?