Darrin's wife Michelle
Darrin's wife Michelle
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blind man
gauranteed to win no comp with her in it
27/05/2011 7:22:57 a.m.
good on you michelle...regardless of the cruel and nasty comments that have been made below, you should be totally proud of the fact that Darrin thinks you are his "hottie" for him want to enter you. i would say the guys making these disrespectful comments below are all soooo butt ugly that they don't even have a partner, so have to put down others to make themselves better. Pk is obviously into boulders..not women, choger is obviously colourblind...poor sick man!, sloth...well h\e can just crawl back into whatever hole he came out of, Matts just trying to be funny, but just can't cut it! as for a couple of others...hard to say if they are trying to be genuine or just sarcastic twits! But you just keep on being you and let comments like theirs just go right over your head.......after all you have someone that obviously thinks the world of you and thats all that matters!!!
19/03/2010 8:01:18 a.m.
i recon u on to a winner here well done mate!!
16/03/2010 9:47:01 p.m.
OWW. Your other half? And two halves make a whole?
16/03/2010 7:37:13 p.m.
Good on ya, Not my type but still!
16/03/2010 5:07:58 p.m.
she made it quite far out of the water
16/03/2010 4:19:16 p.m.
That yellow top looks nice on her.
16/03/2010 12:44:13 p.m.
Dang, I'm jealous of you Darrin. She is a whole lotta loving
15/03/2010 10:30:33 p.m.
Nice boulder
15/03/2010 10:15:53 p.m.
WOW!!!! that rock looks hot

15/03/2010 7:53:40 p.m.