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Don't you hate it when you lose your chlamydia test form?

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Chlamydia FormLosing your chlamydia test form in a bar – we’ve all done it, but thanks to two incredible inventions, leaving highly personal STI referral sheets lying around in public places is now a thing of the past.

Invention #1: The Zipper. Invented by promiscuous young Swedish inventor Gideon Sundback in 1914, the “Hookless Fastener No. 2? helped to ensure that even the heftiest chlamydia test would remain in the pockets of drinkers across the world.

Invention #2: The Latex Condom. After losing countless chlamydia forms in dirty Bavarian beer halls, sexually-active scientist Julius Fromm realised his embarrassment would have been spared had he not contracted chlamydia in the first place, so the itchy young German switched his phone to silent and soon developed an improved latex condom that still felt nothing like real sex, but somehow managed to keep some of the nasty bacteria at home.

Almost 100 years later, Sundback’s invention is still significantly more popular than Fromm’s, however when used in conjunction, the two items provide an almost impenetrable barrier to chlamydia-test-misplacement.

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