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Foo Fighters Auckland concert caused earthquakes

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Published: 15-Dec-2011 13:47

Foo Fighters Auckland concert caused earthquakes

By 3 News online staff

The Foo Fighters did more then rock the crowd at their Auckland gig on Tuesday, but literally shook the ground in surrounding neighbourhoods.

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Two seismic stations in Herne Bay and Eden Park, 2km from the concert, recorded a strong low frequency signal similar to a “volcanic tremor” during the gig, according to GeoNet.

The tremors began at 7:30pm during the Tenancious D set and peaked when the Foo Fighters came on at 8:20pm. The shaking then ended around 11pm.

According to GeoNet, the ground was shaking as a “semi continuous harmonic signal” at a peak oscillation of 3Hz - or three times per second.

This sort of shaking is usually associated with volcanic tremors as seen on White Island and Mt Ruapehu.

The shaking was a combination of the 50,000 fans jumping up and down in Western Springs Stadium and the bass-heavy sound system.

GeoNet says “man-made” tremors were also recorded during the Rugby World Cup.

The tremors that the Foo Fighters concert caused


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