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Granny Pannies v G Banger?

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Granny Pannies v G Banger?


The Morning Rumble asked this morning: Granny Pannies v G Banger? (all the big questions on this show!

Apparently Granny pannies or Nana knickers are making a comeback!!

Granny pannies promise to banish bulges, visible pannie line and save face come unexpected gusts of wind, its enduring appeal comes down to one thing – comfort, but really…that does not sound like ‘fun sexy time’.

Maybe the only one that can rock the GP is Dita Von Teese..


Dita Von Teese

But sorry


Bridget Jones




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2 comment(s) so far
i could hang my mumma on the line in those!!!!!
5/06/2012 10:25:48 p.m.
What scary undies.
2/06/2012 5:56:45 p.m.

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