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Commenting Guidelines

Commenting is an important part of The Rock online community. It allows everyone to participate, engage, and chip in their two cents' worth. We value and appreciate the comments on our website and are constantly looking for ways to improve the conversation.

That's why we've put together these community guidelines with instructions on how to make the most of your participation on The Rock website. In addition to helping foster good conversations, these guidelines — as well as the context in which comments are made — are taken into account when we make moderation decisions.

We hope this list will help you better understand our evaluation process and why some comments get deleted.

Commenting Do's & Don'ts

Don't : Be a knob. No one likes comments that are offensive and do not add any value in any way to the photo/video/topic of discussion.

Don't: Attack The Rock. If you find an error, let us know. We're not perfect, we make mistakes - but we do our best to correct errors as soon as possible. Feel free to leave your opinion if you don't agree with something we've posted - we do like hearing what you have to say - just share your thoughts in a rational and respectful manner. We will distinguish between constructive arguments and smear tactics. Any misrepresentation will be deleted.

Don't: Be a troll. Profanity, hateful speech, prejudice, persistent trolling and mindless abuse will not be tolerated. Respect the values, beliefs, and emotions of others. We reserve the right to remove any content that might be found extremely offensive or threatening.

Don't: Post spam — it will be marked as such and removed from the site. Repeat offenders may see their IP address and email banned.

Do: Help us keep The Rock website an inviting interactive space by self-policing threads and flagging spam. We try keep a lid on the haters and trolls, but sometimes they slip through the gaps and leave nasty comments. To flag spam, roll over the comment to reveal the flag below the comment, then click on the flag.

Do: Engage in polite and valuable conversation with your fellow rockers.