Kate Beckinsale dreams of playing Freddie Mercury

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Published: 03-Aug-2012 08:02

Kate Beckinsale dreams of playing Freddie Mercury

Kate Beckinsale has set herself a real movie challenge - she wants to portray Freddie Mercury on film.

The sexy Underworld star has revealed that playing the late Queen frontman is a role she'd relish - and she thinks she'd look good as a man.

She tells WENN, "I would like to play a big concert as Freddie Mercury. I can't sing that great... but I quite fancy having a moustache like that.

"He was such a great showman and I think that would be good - I'd quite like to do that."

The odd casting idea might be some way off, however, because funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen is reportedly onboard to play the flamboyant rocker in a new biopic.


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