My night with Russell

Last night I saw British comedian-slash-actor Russell Brand and his I Am A Walrus show at the Vector Arena in Auckland.

It actually started before he even took to the stage, when I saw a parade of women in sky-high heels, and micro miniskirts hobbling through the foyer.

When Russell made his entrance these girls erupted into screams that were reminiscent of seeing The Beatles (or One Direction!)

He went for a walk through the audience and was accosted by a gaggle of skanks that even took off their panties and gave them to him!! He put said panties on a guy's head.

Russell's show covered many topics.... from his appearance at the opening of the Olympics, being famous, when he met the Dalai Lama, how he can never say NO and, of course, a lot of sex stories! At the end of the show he said he would be in the foyer and pick a few women for the night.

Russell Brand is a force of nature. Charismatic, loud, philosophical and just a little bit crazy......loved it!

He still has to hit Wellington, Thursday 13th December. I strongly suggest you go!

Watch The Morning Rumble's interview with Russell Brand (video)

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