Our Mr Whippy


I have really enjoyed watching how our new Asian Mr Whippy has been fitting in around our neighbourhood .....good keen guy - not quite your typical looking Mr Whippy - But still with the double chin and always wearing a big smile he says ..... "how-row chorglin ! ..You wanna Mista Lippy"?

Only problem with Mr Asian Whippy is that he's..... like a lot of young people they "feel the need for speed" ...Always keen on blatting off his chosen spot a bit prematurely {if you know what I mean} ?

Hasn't allowed or taken into consideration the time it takes to deal with we aging parents who're also not that keen on coughing up our gold coins every time we hear "Mr Whippy' start playing his oriental version of green sleeves outside on the street. ........It takes time .......

After a few weeks of missing the mark on our fast to move Mr Whippy - The wife decides she's gonna go out there and (like the good home bound semi retired marketing professional) give Mr Whippy a bit of her lippy. So after being told off for being too heavy with his footy.....Our resident Mr WHIPPY has now taken to parking up right outside our house every Sunday afternoon for between 5 & 15 minutes with his Greensleeves remix pumping as loud as his 12volt system will allow ......

Now I've resorted to telling my kids that Mr Whippy only ever plays his siren when he's actually run out of Ice cream !

You know what question comes next from the 4 & 8 year olds don't you? "So Dad ?.....So why does Mr Whippy always run out of ice cream outside our house every Sunday at about the same time?"

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