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Paul Ego's 'Radio' reviews

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Published: 01-Apr-2010 15:49

Paul Ego's 'Radio' reviews
Well, believe it or not, we aren't the only ones who think Paul's awesome at what he does! The always hard-to-impress critics are pretty stoked with Paul's latest comedy offering, "Radio"! According to's Darren Bevan:

"Ego and Corbett (or Corbett and Ego depending on how they feel) are a great pair; Paul's deadpan works as an excellent foil to Jeremy's mischievous nature - they're a good clever team who feel like an old married couple; they know each other's foibles, strengths and weaknesses as well as how to make each other laugh. You'll never listen to the morning radio in the same way again".

"These guys are extremely smart and very funny"

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