Rock Island - Celebrating The Rock's 21st

Rock Island

What would you risk for a spot on Rock Island?

Win one of 21 trips for two to Rock Island

The list of Rock Island ChallengesThe Rock turned 21 this year, and cheers to our mates from Jim Beam, we wanted to celebrate by sending you to the biggest 21st party in history - to Jim Beam Rock Island!*

Check out the challenges we made people do to win a trip for two to Jim Beam Rock Island. They were based off tracks from our new album, The Rock 21: The Biggest Hits From 1991-2012.

Every day for three weeks, one challenge was picked at random. Whoever was selected had to either complete the risky challenge, or the prize would go to caller 21. See what lengths some avid Rock listeners would go to to win!  

*Please note: this is a completely unfounded claim....but it sounds good. Read the terms & conditions.




The Rock Island Challenges

The Rock Island Challenges - check out the pictures now

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