Wind Up Your Wife

Robert & JonoEvery Wednesday Robert & Jono Wind Up Your Wife. Put someone in the hot seat and you could win $500.
It doesn't have to be your wife that they wind up, could be your mate, boss or even your mum!

A-Z Directory of all Wind Up Your Wifes...

Ben's interview from hell with "Sylvester Stallone"

Ben's wind up payback on Jono

Jono and Ben wind up a florist

Jono and Ben wind up a paranoid boyfriend

Jono and Ben wind up Bryce

Jono and Ben wind up Rog

Jono attempts a series of live-to-air wind ups

Jono gets Ben to believe he isn't going to Portugal

Jono has failure to wind up

Jono, Ben and Damo wind up Jo from The Block NZ

Nige and his green waste

R&J Wind Up - "It's Feb-RU-ARY!"

R&J Wind Up - Greg Murphy

RJ Wind Up - Hose assault

RJ Wind Up - "Honey, I'm pregnant"

RJ Wind Up - Bad Dad

RJ Wind Up - Bert's Billboard Backfire

RJ Wind Up - Bert's phone prank

RJ Wind Up - Dylan's Trashed Hotel Room

RJ Wind Up - Exam Cheater

RJ Wind Up - Flipping the bird

RJ Wind Up - Gareth's Bung Phone

RJ Wind Up - Jono gets no sleep

RJ Wind Up - Lois' Dog

RJ Wind Up - Lorde interview

RJ Wind Up - Maria's Caravan

RJ Wind Up - Mental Scottish Guy

RJ Wind Up - Mother-in-law Wedding Planner

RJ Wind Up - Nicole's Wedding

RJ Wind Up - Olga the Israeli

RJ Wind Up - Pet Chicken

RJ Wind Up - Phone Service

RJ Wind Up - Porn apps

RJ Wind Up - Priddi's Shoe Fetish

RJ Wind Up - Road Rage Granny

RJ Wind Up - Rog's Pokarekare Ana with Aerosmith

RJ Wind Up - Sponsoring August

RJ Wind Up - Stay At Home Mum

RJ Wind Up - Terminal Talk

RJ Wind Up - The call from the council

RJ Wind Up - The Deer Hunter

RJ Wind Up - The Deported

RJ Wind Up - The Fake Gay

RJ Wind Up - The Indecent Proposal (part 3)

RJ Wind Up - The Indecent Proposal (part one)

RJ Wind Up - The Indecent Proposal (part two)

RJ Wind Up - X-Rated Photos

RJ Wind Up: Blue Goat

RJ Wind Up: Child support

RJ Wind Up: Dean Barker's number

RJ Wind Up: Little Shop

RJ Wind Up: Paintball

RJ Wind Up: Phone surveys

RJ Wind Up: Stage fright

RJ Wind Up: The bank job

RJ Wind Up: The Doctor's Watch

RJ Wind Up: There's something about Mary's phone

Robert and Jono "Rachel Smalley" the nation

Robert and Jono wind up George FM

The Wind Up Your Wife on Robert and Jono

Wind Up - Double booked Timberlake tickets

Wind Up - Producer Dan fakes Vanilla Ice's cancellation

Wind up Jono - Security alarm

Wind Up Your Boss - The Rock 1000 Party

Wind up your mate - The hunter's dogs

Wind up your promoter - Dean Lonergan

Wind Up Your Wife - Abbey's fat horses

Wind Up Your Wife - Angry Nana

Wind Up Your Wife - Behind the scenes

Wind up your wife - Ben's wife winds up Jono (his studio wife)

Wind Up Your Wife - Broken finger on the dance floor

Wind Up Your Wife - Caro's Euro Trip

Wind Up Your Wife - Cruising the parks

Wind Up Your Wife - director Duncan's phone problems

Wind Up Your Wife - Dom from The Edge

Wind Up Your Wife - Erin the not so happy kindergarten teacher

Wind Up Your Wife - Gary's boat goes on Trademe

Wind Up Your Wife - Grass Killer

Wind Up Your Wife - Hefty charge for overweight luggage

Wind Up Your Wife - Hold your horses

Wind up your wife - Jono's missus

Wind Up Your Wife - Loans for Africa

Wind Up Your Wife - Online Dater

Wind Up Your Wife - Our very own Commonwealth Games reporter

Wind Up Your Wife - Parent Divorce

Wind Up Your Wife - Petrol Toilet Mess

Wind Up Your Wife - Pig Farmer

Wind Up Your Wife - Porn site subscription

Wind Up Your Wife - Royal Baby

Wind Up Your Wife - Sleazy Photographer

Wind Up Your Wife - Smellophone

Wind Up Your Wife - Sponsor a child

Wind Up Your Wife - The Complainer

Wind up your wife - The ex

Wind up your wife - The Harley

Wind Up Your Wife - Tom's Psycho Flatmate

Wind Up Your Wife Classic - Angry Scotsman

Wind Up Your Wife Classic - Dog Pound

Wind Up Your Wife Classic - Garden Makeover

Wind Up Your Wife Classic - Lawnmower Man

Wind Up Your Wife Classic - Moko the dolphin

Wind Up Your Wife Classic - Pick n' Mix Thief

Wind Up Your Wife: Dunc's fake proposal (audio version)