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I told you so!

I'm flying solo - Jono went too far last week and got himself banned from the airwaves for 10 days!

Last Thursday, after Jono told the story of the German guy who blew up this apartment after fixing his air mattress with a flammable solvent, we asked for Rock listeners to call us and share their stories of ‘When They Accidentally Blew Up Something’. One listener in particular must have misunderstood the request, and instead called us to share his recipe for ‘How To Make A Bomb’.

That became the latest example of what my role is within our on-air partnership. That is, ‘to be the controlling element in regulating which content Jono is allowed to put to air’.

Subsequently (and against my advice at the time) the bomb recipe call went to air. And now the powers that be have decided we crossed the line - and as a result have punished the instigator (Jono) by temporarily revoking his broadcasting license for 10 days. Translated, that means Jono is on holiday for two weeks. Leaving me to flail about the airwaves between 3 and 7pm solo.

Will Jono learn from this? Probably not – He thinks it’s funny and edgy.

Will he do it again? No doubt he will at some stage – He’s an idiot.       

- Bert

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