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Published: 07-May-2009 11:44

Tracey's Profile

Name: Tracey Donaldson

From: Hamilton

Came to The Rock By Way Of: Tracs Records Hamilton, Universal Records London, Polygram Records London, Mushroom Records London, TNT FM London....The Rock...

On My iPod: Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, Nickelback, Stone Sour, Bon Jovi.....

Outside of work I: Watch the F1 and NBA, read Vogue magazine cover to cover, never miss Mad Men or Elementary, run 5km's a day, don't eat meat (but always want a Big Mac), and stand in my wardrobe admiring my shoes...

Perk of the job: Meeting rockstars! I've met Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, Eddie Vedder, Slash, Ozzy Osbourne, Meat Loaf, Jon Bon Jovi, Tommy Lee, Courtney Love, Bryan Adams, Alice Cooper, Corey Taylor, Disturbed, The Offspring, Garbage, Seether, Live, Megadeth, Nickleback, Airbourne, Cold Chisel, The Darkness, AC/DC...the list is endless. I've been very lucky!

Favourite gig:  A tie between seeing Jimmy Page & Robert Plant in London in 1997, and Courtney Love with Hole in 1999.

Best Album Ever: U2 - Achtung Baby.

Favourite TV channel: ESPN and the E Channel.

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246 comment(s) so far
Aaron Gilmour
Know I,m not they A Gilmour. I,ve been getting heaps of shit later because of my name .I love The Queens of stone age,Can u please play A song for the Deaf or Feel good hit for summer.I would love to win there new album. Thanks
28/05/2013 10:51:03 a.m.
Hi Tracey, you had a request approx 1pm today & there was a cool song that goes like " You got the Jube????" Can you help with who it is etc? keep up the good work & awesome show. Regards Craig.
16/05/2013 8:51:47 p.m.
hi tracey, i've got 2 tickets to puppetry of the penis tonight, 9pm at sky city theatre, auckland. they are reserve seats, (good ones indeed), i cant go, we've hada bereavement, so if anyone in auckland(or close) wants to go, im happy to part with them both for $80.00, pleez pleez help if ya can tracey, if someone wants them, they can call me (James) on 0223110951to arrange things, I've got the tickets waiting at Sky City and can be picked up (with instruction) anytime today, right up until the show at 9pm, big thanx if you can help James
15/05/2013 12:37:02 p.m.
hi tracey, love listening to your show while im doing nothing at work. I've read all the books by Lee Child about Jack Reacher, must go an see the movie to see how close it is to the books. Whitey 0212681987
13/05/2013 11:27:02 a.m.
Hey Tracey i have a ticket for tool tomorrow night but sadly can no longer go, was wanting to know if you guys could help me out. i will not takeany more the $114.07 for it as that is what i paid. please help
7/05/2013 11:17:29 a.m.
I sent a message .coulnt send my photo ,bugga my tractor called sweatleaf
18/04/2013 9:40:23 a.m.
Hi Tracey, I need your help! I can no longer go to the black sabbath Saturday concert & am wanting to swap x2 seated tickets for the Monday show. Can you please help me :)
11/04/2013 12:56:42 p.m.
Jeetu (G2)
missing home... can't wait to move back! listen to the rock online at work in Melbourne... keep up the great work ROCK Team :) Cheers G2
26/03/2013 11:21:46 a.m.
Can u please play creep for me...I'm on a long drive
25/03/2013 12:08:07 p.m.
can youu please hook us up with those tool tikets please ;]
13/02/2013 11:09:03 a.m.

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