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So long for this year...

So, the perfect pie has been created. A National Pie Day has been established. And now we have the official National Pie Day Pie Launcher.

Congratulations to Brigzy - he stayed awake all week to build and demolish stuff with his PIE ZOOKER. For his hard work, he's won himself $1000 and a year's supply of Big Ben pies (just don't shoot them all out of your cannon, bro).

We'll also hook up all the runners-up with a year's supply of pies each - we weren't gonna leave you high and dry after all your hard work too!

And lastly, congrats to Darren Curtis from Christchurch - he entered the draw to win his height in pies.

The PiNUke

This takes "nuking a pie" to a whole new level.

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What is The Perfect Pie?

The perfect pieRobert and Jono asked you, the nation, what you thought the perfect pie was, and finally they have an answer. New Zealand's perfect pie is... the Beef, Smokey Bacon and Cheese!

Big Ben have come to the party and have actually created the nation's Perfect Pie (for a limited time only though). So keep your eyes out for the perfect pie, cos it will won't be here for long!

And to make things even more awesome, Robert and Jono have declared the 29th of June National Pie Day! Like National Pie Day on Facebook.