Tracey catches up with Shane Van Gisbergen

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Tracey catches up with Shane Van Gisbergen

Tracey talks to The Gis about the pressure to defend his Mark Porter trophy this weekend and what rock musics currently spinning his wheels

Billy Talent interview - 15 February 2013 - Ben calls Tracey to talk Soundwave, explain the Nickleback hate, and what gets him in trouble with the missus...

Tool's Danny Carey talks to Tracey - Tracey talks to Danny Carey of Tool about coming back to NZ, the new album and why he'll be wearing a Breakers Singlet onstage...

Tracey interviews Nickelback - Tracey got a Backstage Pass to the Chad Kroeger Lounge to talk Irish Bars,Playboy Magazine & learns they have Maori relatives in Auckland

Biffy Clyro's Simon Neil talks to Tracey - Biffy Clyro's singer Simon talks to Tracey about his GNR obsession, what it was like touring with the Foos and their new album 'Opposites'.

Tracey talks to Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris - Tracey talks to Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris about his debut solo album, why he didn't tell the Maiden guys about it, and about his Kiwi connection!

Tracey chats with Shirley Manson - The Garbage rock chick tells Tracey why it took so bloody long between albums and why she never would become a pop star.

Tracey interviews Clap Clap Riot - Clap Clap Riot just dropped their first album - but they're working on their next one already? Dave and Stephen tell Tracey more....

Tracey interviews Damian from Blacklistt - Blacklistt lead singer Damian stopped in to see Tracey ahead of the band's North Island shows...

Fletcher from Pennywise talks to Tracey - Pennywise lead guitarist Fletcher tells Tracey how to smuggle alcohol into ANY venue and why he wants to smash Jared Leto.

Tracey interviews Neil from Villainy - Tracey gets a few minutes with the Villainy lead singer to talk about the band's rising stardom, chilling out with Seether and Incubus and when they're gonna release their debut album.