Big Ben’s Mexican Siesta.

Big Ben Mexican Siesta

Play Big Ben’s Mexican Siesta with Jono and ben and you could be going home with a whole bunch of cash. Mexican Pesos that is. 

When you hear the Big Ben’s Mexican Siesta cue to call give the guys a buzz on 0800-ROCKPHONE 

The monetry value will increase while the 

How to win: you need to yell ‘ALTO’ (Mexican for Halt) before the shopkeeper wakes up from his sietsa and catches the hungry Mexican gorging on his pies

Once the caller is on-air, an eager young Mexican will start gorging on the pies, a monetary value of Pesos’ will start going up incrementally, with the snoozing shopkeeper blissfully enjoying his kip in the background.

Eventually the antics of the greedy little thief will catch the attention of the snoozing shopkeepers, and it’s up to the listener to stop the Pie Thief before he wakes up. 

Should the listener yell ‘ALTO’ (Mexican for Halt) before the sleeping Mexican wakes up, the Mexican celebration music plays and he takes home the pesos thanks to the good buggers at Big Ben.

To further drive awareness around the launch of Big Ben Mexican Pies, The Rock’s Drive show throughout the week, will award Big Ben Mexican pies off the back of great callers.

100% El NZ lean beef mince and some El kidney beans.

El chilli and tomato sauce then whacked in a big dollop of El sour cream.

It’s got a bit of a kick but not too much, so it’s beaut for gringos and easy on your ringos.

New XXL Big Ben El Mexicano chilli pie - Real meat, real pastry and one El of a real good eat.