Win $1000 with Maritime New Zealand's Safer Boating Week

Prep, Check and Know to win $1000 thanks to Safer Boating Week

The Rock and Maritime NZ are behind this year's Safer Boating Week so do yourself and your mates a favour and Prep, Check, Know before you hit the water. 

Prep your boat – service the engine, check and change the fuel, check the battery and give your boat a good once-over.

Check your gear – everyone needs a lifejacket that fits; service any inflatable lifejackets and carry two ways of calling for help. That's a distress beacon, VHF radio or your cell in a waterproof bag. No one can find you if you can't call for help.

Know the rules – that's on the water not the road (they aren’t the same), and download our free Marine Mate app for boatie info and local bylaws.

Did you know that two thirds of boatie fatalities may have been saved if they had worn a lifejacket? For more on Safer Boating Week, post your photos of you and your mates out in the boat at Safer Boating Week.

Check out Maritime NZ's Safer Boating week video filmed at the Royal Akarana Yacht Club featuring Rog and Bryce, answer a simple question and you could score yourself $1000!