Get Lucky in Kentucky with KFC and The Rock!
Get Lucky in Kentucky cheers to KFC's new Kentucky Burger and The Rock!

How far would you go for your mate?

Tell us how far you would go for a mate to Get Lucky in Kentucky!"Mate". The word gets thrown around more than keys at a swingers party. But has the word lost it's meaning?

That's what Robert and Jono want to find out. They, and KFC, want to know: how far you would go for your mate?

Like.... would you drive three hours to pick him up in the middle of nowhere? Let him crash on your couch for a week? Hook up with the ugly friend so he could score the hottie?

Prove your mate-worthiness by answering the daily KFC "how far would you go for a mate" question below. If you do, you'll go in the draw to win an epic trip for you and a mate to experience the legendary Kentucky Bourbon Trail!

Robert and Jono will pose a different scenario each day, so comeback and answer everyday to further your chances of winning.

Plus, listen out all this week to find out how you can get your hands on the new KFC Kentucky Burger! It has everything you love about KFC in a burger - KFC Original Recipe chicken breast, bacon, crispy onions, cheese, coleslaw and a mouth-watering Bourbon BBQ sauce. Take our word for it - they. are. delicious.

Please read the KFC 'Get Lucky in Kentucky' terms and conditions  (89kb pdf) before entering.

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