Whitlock and Sons
F. Whitlock & Sons

Fancy yourself a good cook, but in reality....aren't? Ever wanted to impress a girl with your amazing culinary skills, but just plain suck in the kitchen and can't?

F. Whitlock & Sons are here to help you hopeless folks out.

With their killer sauce packets, F. Whitlock & Sons have made it dead easy to put on a good meal. Just grab one of six of their killer sauce flavours, add it to some meat, and you're literally done. It's that easy. They'll make you look like a pro in the kitchen, and you'll hardly have to lift a finger.

Jono and Ben have a stack of sauce packets and $250 to give away. Just give them a call on 0800 ROCK PHONE and tell them your best story of when you've made a meal of it (i.e. when you've completely stuffed something up).

For another chance to win, enter your details into the form below to go in the draw to win one of 10 F. Whitlock and Sons Killer Sauce Packets, with an accompanying meat pack.

Cause as the great Frederick Whitlock would say - you can't keep a good man down.