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YouTube launches face-blurring technology

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YouTube launches face-blurring technology

YouTube is offering people a way to blur faces in submitted video.

The new tool is designed for human-rights activists and others who may want to protect people in a video. Simply blur faces using the tool before submitting it. It appears among the "Additional features" under editing enhancements.

Google, which owns YouTube, is warning that blurring faces by itself may not guarantee anonymity. Background scenery or a license plate might give away someone's identity, as might a recognisable voice. The software also might miss a face or two, though people will have a chance to review the blurring before submitting it.

"Before you publish, you will see a preview of what your video will look like with faces blurred," writes Amanda Conway on YouTube's blog.

"When you save the changes to your video, a new copy is created with the blurred faces. You will then be given the option to delete the original video."

YouTube says the feature "allows people to share personal footage more widely and to speak out when they otherwise may not."

"YouTube is proud to be a destination where people worldwide come to share their stories, including activists," writes Conway.

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