Liz Hurley just turned 53 and is still banging hot so here's some sexy pics to celebrate

God damn. The hottest 53 year old of all time?


WATCH: Amber Heard strips off in the NSFW 'London Fields' trailer and it's hot as hell

Staring alongside Johnny Depp, Bill Bob Thornton and Cara Delevingne - this is a bloody controversial flick.


Meet the hottie who just took out Miss Hooters 2018

God damn. When is NZ getting a Hooters?


Clip of frisky Meghan Markle going down on 90210 dude has resurfaced online today

Now that's a naughty princess.


WATCH: Not only is the Lingerie Football League real, they're hella vicious

WARNING: Offensive language.


Chicks could use a "Seeding Finger" to knock themselves up

And the countdown for Armageddon is on.


Meet the hot Grandma competing against teenage models for the 2018 Miss Maxim crown

She's already beaten a load of women half her age to get into the semi-finals.


Reporter takes a face full of dirt from MX rider like a champ

He 100% knew what he was doing.


Guy rewires his girlfriend's car horn to honk every time she brakes

That's a hell of a commitment for a laugh.


The Gold Coast's meter maids have been banned from the Commonwealth Games

Devastating news.


Chick's top notch stitch up on punishing dude asking for nudes

One way to mess with a creep.


Two women spotted eating mayonnaise from the jar at a basketball game

Two girls, one jar.


Emily Ratajkowski just shared some hella sexy nudes

"Posing for my husband" (and Instagram).


Science reckons staring at boobs improves males life expectancy

Great news. But not a free pass to be a creep.


Rich, famous chicks are spending $650 a pop on "penis facials"

Not as Pornhub as you'd think. It's actually worse.


Critics are blasting Jennifer Lawrence's latest movie for having too much sex, violence and nudity

"A desperate quest to get one sexy woman very naked."


Hungarian ice skater performs to AC/DC at Winter Olympics

Aaaaaand we have a new favourite Olympic athlete.


WATCH: A topless Kate Upton gets smashed by a wave in an SI shoot and the reaction is priceless

Nakey wipe out.


Cara Delevigne opens up about her membership in the Mile High Club

"I've had sex in planes a lot."


The Formula 1 grid girls have been axed, so we've got grid girl pics to help us deal

Grid girls have been rendered redundant and we're feeling pretty knocked by this news.


Here's what a bunch of adult stars would do if they were Donald Trump

Ten times more interesting to watch than a Trump speech.


We're not sure what Emily Ratajkowski is doing in this video, but we ain't complaining

The best 1:15 of our day.


Kiwi babe Stella Maxwell recreates Margot Robbie's scene from 'Wolf of Wall Street'

Just when you thought the original couldn't get any better...


This chiropractor's back-clicking tutorial is the most informative thing you'll see all week

So handy...


It's December, so here's "Jingle Boobs" - a Christmas video that isn't traditionally painful

What a great Christmas tree.


Lingerie models do the Mannequin Challenge

The best one minute and 12 seconds of our days, to be honest.


PornHub reveals stats about women searching women

...if you know what we mean.


Lexy Panterra (aka the hot twerking chick) has released another music video

Unless you really love pop music, we'd suggest watching this in mute.


Man uses drone to catch his cheating wife

Being right really sucks sometimes.


This chick reckons she has "magnetic" boobs

Well, they're definitely drawing us to 'em...


Wasted white girl alert - chick has a massive blowout on live TV at the Melbourne Cup

It wasn't only a wallet that was lost in this moment...


Russian dancers dress as Harley Quinn, make raunchy music video

Uhhh, we might need to sit down after this one.