For the next week

We’ve found some extra cash lying around again, so Brad the Boss has given Jen & Jim a green light to deliberately stuff up the $1000 No Repeat Workday… 



The Rock is the home of the No Repeat Workday. That's pretty self-explanatory - it means we promise not to repeat any song during 9am - 5pm on weekdays. If we muck it up, be the first to text the keyword to REPEAT to 3520 to win $1000 cash.

Just keep listening to The Rock between 9am-5pm and keeping note of what's been on-air, or checking the playlist below. Then, be the first to text the keyword to REPEAT to 3520 and the cash is yours!

THINK YOU'VE SPOTTED A REPEAT? Check the No Repeat Workday playlist below.

Note: we do have a glitch in our system, where the same song is duplicated and appears twice on the playlist. This does not count as a repeat!

There are a few ground rules:

(1) The song has to be played in its entirety, and it's gotta be the same song by the same artist - that is, the same recording - so live versions don't count.
 You must call when you hear the song - i.e. not three weeks later.
 It has to be a standard workday, not a public holiday! This includes regional anniversary days.
 At all times commercial filler audio, paid advertising and advertising material are not valid audio for this promotion. 
 Standard Rock Terms & Conditions apply.

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