Rog belts out "Glory Days" live in the office

The stage was set, and Rog just had to try not to butcher the song this time around.

55 minutes ago

Jim walks out and leaves Bryce to eat kangaroo schlong

Jim bounced the hell outta there pretty quickly.

3 hours ago

Highly Suspect release trippy video for 'My Name Is Human'

Took a while, but bloody worth the wait.

5 hours ago

Superfan shows off his 3,000 piece Metallica collection

He has one of the biggest Metallica collections in the world.


Dude covers Led Zeppelin and plays all the instruments

Because playing the guitar and singing at the same time wasn't hard enough.


When head banging meets India you get 'Sitar Metal'

Forget about the electric guitar, the sitar is where it's at.


Tradie accidentally fires nail gun at his own junk (NSFW)

Always be careful with your tools... if you know what we're saying.


These crazy Chinese blokes show off their balls of steel

The Kung Fu Masters have become experts in the art of repeatedly getting slammed in the nuts.


Watch this dude nail 'Chop Suey' in 20 different styles

Ever wondered what System Of A Down would sound like if sung by Mongolians? You've come to the right place.


Nela Zisser annihilates Thane in an eating comp

Pit Master Moe Cason cooked up a juicy 6KG steak for the two to rip into.


Couple caught getting "racy" on a motorbike

A whole new meaning to burning rubber.


Jim eats a raw crocodile tail covered in hot sauce

What a croc of shit.


Bruce Springsteen dedicates My City Of Ruins to Christchurch

Ol' Bruce played a fitting tribute to over 30,000 fans in NZ's own 'City of Ruins'.


Jim eats a pig snout live on air for a listener

What a porker.


Thane reveals what he does to help him last longer in bed

Not exactly what Dunc was asking for but what a killer answer.


That time Rog tried to sing Bruce Springsteen "Glory Days"

Possibly the worst thing you've ever heard in your life.


Bruce Springsteen invites teenager on stage to play guitar

And the kid kills it - what a boss.


100 guys called Bruce running 100m for Bruce Springsteen

It was a glorious day, until Rog found a microphone and killed it (and we don't mean that in the good way).


Jamie Whincup calls off wedding the day after his stag

A big u-turn from the six-time V8 champion.


Cocky MMA fighter gets KO'd after showing off to opponent

Talk shit, get hit.


Rog is forced to do the 'Walk of Atonement'

As his punishment for lying to the nation, Rogee was stripped down to his undies and had to walk while the office threw rotting fruit at him. Shame.


Jim downs a spoonful of deer jizz for a listener

Get a load of this.


Chicks lose their shit trying to get a rat out of their flat

Rog, what are you doing there?


Bryce turns Rog's microphone off for talking shit

Rog reckons he used to get into bars when he was underage by saying he worked for The Rock... Bryce is calling bullshit.


Incubus drop brand new song: 'Nimble Bastard'

This sick tune is the first off their upcoming studio album, '8'.


Chick hangs off a 73-storey building to get an Instagram pic

Proof that some girls will do almost anything for a good photo.


Jim gets a modelling lesson from a bikini model

This video becomes a lot easier to watch if you cover the right side of your screen.


These parents actually named their baby 'Iron Maiden'

"Axl" probably would have done the job, too mate...


Richie McCaw talks about flying over the Christchurch fires

Richie, you good thing.


Can you go through a drive-thru on a horse?

For the final ever drive-thru Friday, John Day mounts a horse and attempts to order a bunch of cheesy items from Maccas.