Linkin Park band members share a video of Chester Bennington backstage singing

His voice just gives us the chills!

49 minutes ago

Rog has a yarn about how much he loves a good sizzle sausage

God I love sizzlers.

3 hours ago

Life Hack Tuesday - How you know if your eggs are too old or are just right

Do your eggs float or sink to the bottom?

6 hours ago

Shit for brains Aussie man filmed clinging to a trains wiper blades going 70mph

This is thrill seeking to a new level.,

8 hours ago

Is exercise d**k a thing?

Mine just shrivels up.


Papa Roach pays tribute to Chester Bennington by performing 'In The End'

Great way to honor a legend.


Joseph Parker retains WBO title with win over Hughie Fury

The judges give Parker the nod. Check out the highlights.


Shit for brains drives the wrong way down the motorway to flee the cops


British bloke transforms his BMW into a hot tub and a BBQ

Cooking and driving? Definitely something new.


Kiwi guy goes viral for his brilliant appearance on Police Ten 7

What do you reckon. Shall I pull my bag of meth out?


How cool does Rog's election party sound?

He even has balloons. How cool is that.


Check out the hell of a night that was The Rock 1500 countdown party

A thousand people screaming "f--k you I won't do what you tell me" - doesn't get much better than that.


Foo Fighters absolutely smash it on James Corden's carpool karaoke

This would be one insane car ride.


Jim annoys everyone in the office by remaking the new Netflix show 'The Punisher'

Can you fuck off Jim!


#MullsLifeHacks: How to tell how full your gas bottle is

See ya Friyay!


Metallica's 'One' soundtracks brutal new 'Punisher' trailer


Bryce blows out at the supermarket again, this time thinking he was a celebrity

Two celebrities. One cucumber.


Aussie boy-racers burn some serious rubber while being towed

Damn, those tyres will be fried.


Watch some seriously good slow motion of girls half naked (The Man Show)

Attention all guys, brace yourself for some very steamy slow-motion.


Have a watch of Metallica's 'Seek and Destroy' performance from Cologne

One hell of a concert!


#MullsLifeHacks: how to tie your hair with a vacuum

Go on, give it a tug mate.


Corey Taylor gives emotional acceptance speech at the Rock To Recovery event

The guy has been through a lot!


Thane spends $300 on a dog collar and Dunc finds a new way to stop a dog fight

Take note guys, it's good advice.


The boys reveal their clown names

That's one serious clown duo.


Meet the craziest tractor driver trying outrageous stunts

Has this guy got a death wish?


Foo Fighters cover AC/DC with help from The Hives

Let There To Be Rock!


#MullsLifeHacks: How to chop onions without crying like a little bitch

And also, how to look like a speed dealer...


Linkin Park release moving music video for "One More Light" in honour of Chester Bennington

What an awesome video.


Apparently there is more than one way to skin your cat (how to toilet)

Are you a stander, leaner or inbetweener?


Dead Favours newest music video for their single "High Flying"

It's like a circus.