The No Repeat Workday Deliberate Stuff Up


The Rock is the home of the No Repeat Workday. That’s pretty self-explanatory - it means we promise not to repeat any song during 9am - 5pm on weekdays. We all know stuff ups happen, so this time we’ve taken on insurance. Cheers to AMI Tradies Insurance Bundle, we’re deliberately stuffing up the 9 to 5 no repeat workday, until we’ve given away TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!

If you’re the first caller through on 0800 ROCKPHONE (0800 762 574) when we muck it up, you’ll score $1000 and an AMI Prize Bundle including a UE Boom and Tile Tracker, cheers to AMI Tradies Insurance Bundle. There are 10 x $1,000 prizes and AMI Prize Bundles to be won!

Just keep listening to The Rock between 9am-5pm and keep note of what’s been on-air, or check the playlist below. Then, be the first caller through on 0800 ROCKPHONE, and the grand cash and an AMI Prize Bundle is all yours!

Plus if you’re a tradie, AMI can help cover your toolbox, and you. With their AMI Tradies Insurance Bundle you’ll get Tools and Public Liability cover in one, so if your tools are lost, stolen, or something accidently goes wrong on-site, you’ll be sweet as! Starting from just $18* a week for sole tradies, it’s the most important tool in your toolbox.

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*T&Cs apply.

There are a few ground rules:

  • (1) The song has to be played in its entirety, and it's gotta be the same song by the same artist - that is, the same recording - so live versions don't count.
  • (2) You must call when you hear the song - i.e. not three weeks later.
  • (3) It has to be a standard workday, not a public holiday! This includes regional anniversary days.
  • (4) At all times commercial filler audio, paid advertising and advertising material are not valid audio for this promotion.
  • (5) Standard Rock Terms & Conditions apply.