System Of A Down live in Auckland

How do you put into words what it's like to finally see a band that you've worshipped for more than ten years?

System Of A Down sold out to 6,000 fans last night at the Trust Stadium in West Auckland. 6,000 hot and sweaty fans - so sweaty that some were wringing out litres of sweat from their shirts.

The audience's energy levels were already at their peak when The Dillinger Escape Plan played and they proved to be the perfect opening act for S.O.A.D. Their raw melodies and character on stage has convinced me that they're a band worth looking into.

The crowd then waited in anticipation for System to come out from behind the curtain that hid the stage. Drum rolls from the sound check give fans false hope that their idols were about to begin. System Of A Down finally made their entrance slamming straight into it with Prison Song. If you were in the front towards the stage like I was, you didn't stand a chance: the crowd went from passive to vicious chaos within seconds. There was no mercy in the mosh pit and even the most hardened of rockers were soon retreating to the sidelines for a breather.

System gave the crowd everything they could have asked for - they covered hits from System Of A Down through to Mezmerize/Hypnotize. It was also surprising to hear them bring out the obscure material that hadn't necessarily been the huge hits off each album, with Suite Pee, Deer Dance and Bounce stirring up the crowd even more than their well known tracks. Hypnotize was awe-inspiring to see performed against the backdrop of a snow-covered mountain and with the crowd singing back to the band in unison.

Serj Tankian showed his love for New Zealand, as they performed on the one year anniversary of the Christchurch Earthquake. He and the band announced that they were auctioning off a guitar signed by the band on TradeMe. The funds will be donated to The Salvation Army, so definitely keep an eye out for that online. "I am proud to call New Zealand home" were Serj's words cheered by the crowd welcome to call him one of their own.

Serj Tankian and Daron Malakian proved themselves to be one the best vocal duos in the business, each complimenting the other and singing to perfection. John and Shavo also held up their part of the deal; John's drumming was brutal and Shavo was an ominous presence as he lurked across the stage, his bass a weapon in his hands.

System Of A Down have to be the tightest act I have ever seen live, everything was precise and unforgettable. Don't be strangers guys, come back soon.

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