The girl making orgasm sounds in GNR's song 'Rocket Queen' has been revealed

The woman behind the iconic "orgasm" sounds in the Guns N'Roses song 'Rocket Queen' has been identified as groupie who claims to have slept with Axl Rose.

Adriana Smith, who was a stripper at the time claims her and Axl got it on in a recording booth at Media Sound Studios to make "authentic" noises for the track. She reckons there was nothing romantic about it, but rather served as a drunk act of revenge.

Adriana, who was only 19, was dating drummer Steven Adler but slept with Axl after she caught Steven cheating. Both Steven and Slash ended up in the same room as the couple and witnessed the act.

A friend of Slash said that Axl initially wanted the orgasm sounds to be his girlfriend, Erin, but she wasn't keen on the idea.

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