Aussie chick gives up on dating apps, goes to Bunnings instead to try pick up blokes

She was trying to snag a man down the plumbing aisle.


Girl almost gets attacked by wild bear trying to take a photo next to it



Wannabe Tik Tok star licks plane toilet seat to be famous in "coronavirus challenge"

Apparently "rich blonde bitches are immune".


Rog thinks he is Shakira at the Superbowl

Waka! Waka! Waka!


Girl forgets to let go of bowling ball and eats it down the lane

She really went for it.


Girl who complained her swimsuit left her bits 'hanging out' was wearing it upside-down

Glad she got to the bottom of it tho.


Study reveals that 33% of women have gone on a date just for free food

We played, ladies.


Elephant goes full Farrelly mode when model tries taking photo with it

She was doing it for the 'gram. He wasn't.


Over-controlling wife's list of strict rules on what her husband can't do on a stag-do goes viral

Enjoy the stag mate!


Stepdad live tweets his stepson's battle to sneak a girl out of the house

The sneak is weak with this one.


Check out Britain's first 225-year-old porno magazine 'Miss Fanny Hill'

The ol' shlong is described as a "furious battering ram"


A bloke who went to Sex Island reveals what happened at the sexpest event in his diary

Wow, this is pretty next-level shit.


Woman driving Tesla tries to refuel car at petrol station

We take it the car's not hers.


Newspaper makes the worst/funniest typo in headline about Julia Roberts


Blind man sues Playboy because he can't use their website

No, it's not Rog.


Watch this chick demolish this monstrous 50oz burger like it's nothing

Is this what love feels like?


Someone tested their new 4K UHD camera by videoing girls bouncing on trampolines in super slow motion

Please enjoy in 4K with some good speakers after you watch it on your phone while pooping.


Female Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter makes thief her bitch after he tried stealing her bag

How's that for karma.


Study finds straight woman aren't reaching the O cause blokes are lazy in the sack (but lesbians have it down pat)

Lesbians reveal the female orgasm isn't all that hard to achieve. Blokes just aren't trying.


Top US golfers got into a dust up over one of their wives and it ain't hard to see why

Some things are worth fighting for...


Here's what a bunch of adult stars would do if they were Donald Trump

Ten times more interesting to watch than a Trump speech.


We're not sure what Emily Ratajkowski is doing in this video, but we ain't complaining

The best 1:15 of our day.


Kiwi babe Stella Maxwell recreates Margot Robbie's scene from 'Wolf of Wall Street'

Just when you thought the original couldn't get any better...


This chiropractor's back-clicking tutorial is the most informative thing you'll see all week

So handy...


It's December, so here's "Jingle Boobs" - a Christmas video that isn't traditionally painful

What a great Christmas tree.


Lingerie models do the Mannequin Challenge

The best one minute and 12 seconds of our days, to be honest.


PornHub reveals stats about women searching women

...if you know what we mean.


Lexy Panterra (aka the hot twerking chick) has released another music video

Unless you really love pop music, we'd suggest watching this in mute.


Man uses drone to catch his cheating wife

Being right really sucks sometimes.


This chick reckons she has "magnetic" boobs

Well, they're definitely drawing us to 'em...


Wasted white girl alert - chick has a massive blowout on live TV at the Melbourne Cup

It wasn't only a wallet that was lost in this moment...


Russian dancers dress as Harley Quinn, make raunchy music video

Uhhh, we might need to sit down after this one.