Uncensored photos of female celebrities including Kate Upton, Kaley Cuoco, Ariana Grande leaked online

Chicks 01/09/2014

Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst and Australian model Teresa Palmer are among several celebrities whose nude photos have been leaked online.

A spokesperson for Lawrence confirmed the photos are real and slammed a hacker for a "flagrant violation of privacy".

The revealing images, which show Lawrence in various states of undress, were reportedly among dozens posted overnight by an anonymous source on image sharing website 4chan.

The hacker reportedly claims to be in possession of more than 60 nude selfies of Lawrence posing in compromising positions. But she's not the only one to have fallen victim. 


Images - Kate Upton: Krista Kennell, Kaley Cuoco: Baxter/AbacaUSA.Com, Ariana Grande: Republic Records