Girl orgasms in front of BF's mum in vibrating panties prank

prank 10/02/2017

Well, that's one way to leave an impression on the future mother-in-law (and the car seat too).

In this YouTube "prank" - which is totally not fake and set-up on purpose at all - sees a boyfriend gifting his way-too-hot-for-him girlfriend a pair of vibrating panties.

She pops the knickers on because #yolo, but "forgets" to take them off when they hop into their car (which is conviniently rigged with a GoPro camera) and pick up his dear old mumsie.

The bloke - YouTube pranker HammyTV - fiddles with the vibrating pannie remote control in the backseat, causing her to experience some gentle O's whilst driving and sitting next to his mum.

But we'll let him explain it best:

I got my girlfriend a special surprise. Got her some vibrating panties and got her to try them on but she forgot about them and we went to dinner with my mom! She almost had an orgasm in front of my mom. It was so funny watching her try to hide it!

Classic gag bruh.

In saying that - she is ridiculously hot. And even though we know it most likely is fake and done for dem sweet YouTube views, we still watched it. Just like you will too.