Chicks are wasting their dads' duct tape by wearing it to clubs

Chicks 16/05/2017

A new phenomenon is hitting the world's most popular night clubs - and it involves women wearing nothing but one common household item.

Black electrical tape is plastered in geometric shapes across the bodies of women. Those women are usually hired bikini models, styled by Miami artist Joel Alvarez.

Mr Alvarez's company Black Tape Project takes events and parties to nightclub venues across the world, including Las Vegas, New York  and Ibiza.

He describes the events as "a scintillating visual extravaganza… which attempts to creatively display the sensual nature of the human form as it vacillates between the realms of innovation and seduction."

Mr Alvarez regularly posts pictures of himself with the models on Facebook, and while many comment calling him a "lucky man" or ask whether he "needs help", others are a little more cynical.

"At first I thought this was art. Now I see by his and many others posts this like being in a company of perversion. I mean why can't bodies just be beautiful instead of people making it creepy," one commenter asked.

Some have chosen to go for the slightly warmer tape and jeans look.

The company is currently touring Las Vegas, LA, New York and Ibiza. Posters for the event state the parties include "exclusive use of the BTP girls". "Girls", "use" - what does it all mean?

They offer three types of shows. The BTP Girls Appearance, which offers "models, dancers, VIP hosts, costume themes and performers; a live tape show, in which "models are pretaped back stage and finished off live in front of the audience; and a "seductive fire show", during which the models breathe fire on the catwalk.

The Black Tape Project claims all three shows feature "raw energy and beauty".