Girl thinks she is 'too hot' to be roasted, gets destroyed by the internet

Chicks 02/06/2017

"I'm too hot to be roasted...but try anyways"

This was the challenge this gal threw out to the internet, and by god, we think she'll be regretting it now.

If you didn't know, Roast Me is a subreddit where people voluntarily upload photos of themselves, and ask for other internet users to give them their best insults.

Be careful what you wish for girl, because you just might get it.

Here's some of the top comments.

Guys giving you minimal attention because you give out blowjobs like drags on a cigarette does not make you hot.

Whenever I go into London, I see a thousand generic young women, and a thousand manequins. You've managed to combine all the worst features of both.

In Spanish we have a saying that roughly translates to “the eyes of a dead donkey.” That’s you. That’s what you have.

Well, anything that looks like a soldering iron is naturally "assumed" hot.

Could you not fit the rest of your forehead into the frame?

I’d be “too hot” too with that giant solar panel you call a forehead.

And many more that you can check out for yourself here.

We feel this girl's pain. Hopefully she took it all in good fun, and had a laugh. Last year we had a crack at getting you guys to roast some of's what some of you had in store for our Workdays host, Jim.