This is the latest "model" Rog is stalking on Instagram - Livia Gullo

Chicks 05/07/2017

There's an unspoken rule at The Rock that everyone seems to know about.

When the big dog sends an email telling you to put something up on the website, you put that something up on the website.

And nine times out of nine, it is usually always about some random hot lass he's found on the Internet or stalked on Instagram (or even from the promos team in our work building).

Our website team got this email from him this morning:

We can actually hear him say WOW in our heads.

So, introducing Rog's latest Instagram obsession - Livia Gullo.

God knows who she is or what she does, or how Rog found her. Just scroll down / swipe up to see what all his fuss is about.