Chicks could use a "Seeding Finger" to knock themselves up

Chicks 16/04/2018

A South Korean industrial designer and artist, Koo Hyeonjeong wants women to be able to self-impregnante and has come up with a creepily creative method.

Introducing the seeding finger, a prosthetic with reproductive capabilities consisting of three separate elements, a ‘pocket to generate sperm’, a ‘tube’, and a ‘stem’ to inject semen.

Yep, "seeding fingers" are a thing. They look like girthy fuckers too. Could be pleasuring as well as inseminating... What'll chicks need blokes for? 

This reminds us of that freaky Rick & Morty episode with the Gazorpazorps - where the dudes are left in a bleak world with sex dolls and the women are higher beings off doing their own thing...

While we're all for medical advances and helping women conceive if they can't naturally, this is bloody disturbing.  

Could this be the end for lads? Read more about the "seeding finger" here.