Meet the hot Grandma competing against teenage models for the 2018 Miss Maxim crown

Pics 16/04/2018

When we think Grandma, we usually imagine a Betty White character with cookies and a cane, not a 47-year-old buxom blonde from the Gold Coast... cue Gina Stewart. 

This GILF (a term we never thought we'd have a use for) with four kids and a 10-month old granddaughter, has already beaten a load of women more than half her age to get into the semi-finals for Miss Maxim Australia.

With 10k prize money up for grabs, Gina's said she's entered the competition to help a close friend who has recently suffered a stroke. Even with the Grandma status, that's a surprisingly Grandmotherly cause for a women who looks like this...   

Gina's saying she's had no plastic surgery, bar her knockers because she believes in "ageing gracefully". 

Well, Gina you've done bloody well at that. 

Have a guize at some more pics of the hot grandma below.