Porn star says Donald Trump "generically" boned her, cheated on his wife and compared her to his daughter

Donald Trump 18/01/2018

New day, new Trump scandal. 

In the wake of his "shithole countries" call, the US president is now copping cheating rumours. 

Wall Street Journal
has published an article claiming porn star Stormy Daniels was paid a whopping $130,000 (US) as gagging money (gagging as in a cover up thing, not a sex thing) to keep her quiet about a sexual encounter with ol' Trumpty Dumpty.

Trump's lawyer is vehemently denying the allegations, but shit doesn't look good. 

A magazine called InTouch has an explosive interview from 2011 with Daniels that they promise to publish later this week. The details are already beginning to leak:

“We had really good banter,” Daniels tells InTouch, according to Slate. “He told me once that I was someone to be reckoned with, beautiful, smart, just like his daughter.

Not clear if this was before or after the sex. But fucking gross.

Other details include: 
- The sex was “textbook generic”
- He asked her to sign a DVD copy of her adult film 3 Wishes
- He promised her a run on The Apprentice
- And Trump continued to contact the porn star regularly.

Stay tuned for the full expose of the orange dump.  Although if nothing else has yet, this probably isn't going to derail his presidency.