PICS: Viral (and NSFW) Instagram trend is all about the fun bags and we're not complaining

Boobs 04/07/2018

You might wanna sit down for this one lads. 

Introducing the #upsidedownbikini. The latest trend to takeover your social media feeds - only unlike dicks out for harambe, fidget spinners, or the yanny/laurel fiasco - this is HOT AS HELL. 

Essentially, chicks are giving themselves instant boob jobs by turning their bikinis upside down, thus creating a tight squeeze that boosts their sweet, sweet, dumplings all up into their face. 

Weird. But hella sexy. 

The trend was started by an Italian model, has swept over Europe and the States and is now (probably) coming for a local pair of kahunas near you.  

Below are an array of pics to really help you understand the #upsidedownbikini.

You're welcome.