WATCH: Just three chicks making outrageously sexy yoga videos to promote their bikini line

Chicks 09/08/2018

Meet the real three best friends that anyone could have: Ashley Gaffoglio-Ricardom, Salila Thuy and Naya Rappaport.

This trio just love climbing on top of eachother to make steamy yoga videos and sell bikinis. 

According to The New York Post Ashley recently quit her successful real estate career to fulfill her bikini-making dreams.

Onya Ashley, out there doing it. 

The banging hot 28-year-old launched her own bikini line The Bikini Block, and got her mighty fine mates to help her sell her product. 

And hot damn. 

What a marketing strategy... Power to ya ladies. Sex bloody well sells.

Take in a few of their creative and impressive vids below.