Rog's 10 most memorable dance moves on DWTS so far (in shareable GIF form)

Dancing with the Stars NZ 14/05/2018

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Yes. That's right. Rog up your bloody life.  

1. The "Boomfa" 

2. The "I Meant To Do That"

3. The "Cool Dad" 

4. The "Fist Pump"

5. The "Fuck Where's My Cane?"

6. The "Smooth Criminal"

7. The "Bongo Booty"

8. The "Don't Stop Me Now"

9. The "NZ Heroes Double Dip Too" 

10. The "Leap Frog of Glory"

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Now here's some bonus gifs... cause Rockin Rog is a bloody sex icon and we know you're gonna want them.