Missed it? Watch Rog take on the cha-cha, leopard print and Bruno Mars all at once

Dancing with the Stars NZ 06/05/2018

Roger Farrelly, aka Rockin' Rog, aka "Twinkle Toes" just stopped time and took on Bruno Mars, doing the cha-cha, in a leopard print shirt on national television.

Call of the night goes to Dai Henwood, gesturing to Roggy: "You kinda look like an under cover cop, dressed as a drug dealer." 

Holy hecka. It's a lot.

His dance partner Carol-Ann couldn't put it more aptly with the words: "this isn't really his jam."

But we still reckon Roggy smashed it. Those judges are off chops with them shitball scores..

Check out the Rog cha-cha experience above.
It's a bloody must watch. 

Special mention to the Rog Squad. 


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