Twinkle Toes take a tumble and dances on through like the NZ hero he is

Dancing with the Stars NZ 27/05/2018

The big dog's been plagued with a badcase of the manflu all week, but somehow, he managed to rise out of his deathbed to the sound of 'Black Betty' and whip out a quickstep of epic proportions.

It's an emotional watch. Many highs... and lows. 

Dai Henwood put it pretty aptly.

That had everything. You moved a lot...

There was a moment of foot work there, thought you had an electric shock. 

But the judges (mostly) lapped it up. Rachel came in hot with: 

The quickstep fits you like a glove. I can not imagine a dance that actually would suit more. I think this was your best dance so far. 

And Camilla takes out quote of the night: 

Why do a mic drop when you can do a body drop.

You're not wrong Camilla.

Keep the legend, the champion, the icon on the dancefloor - Text ROG to 3333. 

99c a text, net profit goes to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Now a final action replay, because turns out Rockin Rog is both an excellent dancer AND an excellent faller. 

Love ya, Roggy.