WATCH: This NZ hero just took on the samba and unleashed some of his best moves yet

Dancing With The Stars 21/05/2018

Didn't think he could top last night's floss? Think again. 

The judges might have put Rog at the bottom of the leader board for his samba, but those three are bloody cooked.

This is the most entertaining thing to happen to NZ television. 

Even dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and dancing to Barry Manilow's Copacabanca, we're bloody proud of Rockin Rog.  

But keep those votes coming in NZ. 

Roggy was a little nervy about getting kicked off this week, dancing last and having roughly three minutes between finishing his dance and the elimination going down, really put the pressure on the big dog.   

Now he's at the bottom of the board... So, help us keep the #rogroll going. 

Text Rog to 3333. 99c a text. Net profit goes to Ronald McDonald House Charities.