Bryce Casey's Spare Change


It’s been fifteen years since Bryce from the Morning Rumble came agonisingly close to breaking a world record, tenpin bowling for 58 hours.

5 years ago, he finally broke the record he set out to achieve in 2004.

Now, in 2019, Bryce will return to the lanes to do it again - for a very real cause. And he needs your help.

The Rock has partnered with Mike King's I AM HOPE foundation to help keep the mental health conversation going, and help raise funds to get young Kiwis free counselling when they need it most.

Why 58 hours? 

That's one minute for every person that tried to take their own life in 2018. Last year 3500, young Kiwis tried to take their own lives - that’s more than 10 a day. Every minute Bryce bowls will represent one of those New Zealanders.

I’ve lost too many friends & family to suicide. I know the everlasting effect it has on people.

"Let’s let the young people know where the help is for when they need it. Let’s change this."

Bryce will start bowling at 7am Wednesday May 29 and finish at 5pm Friday, May 31. The challenge will take place at Pins Lincoln, Henderson, Auckland. Bryce's 58 hour bowling challenge will be live streamed on The Rock website.

Get behind Bryce by supporting him on our Givealittle page, or text CHANGE now to 4644 to make an instant $3 donation to I AM HOPE.

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Bryce's Spare Challenge is proudly supported by our mates at Pins Lincoln and Jucy Rentals.