Bryce's Spare Change Live Stream - starts 7am Wednesday 29 May

Just like we did in 2014, we'll be live streaming every single minute of Bryce's 58 hours of bowling right here for you to watch.

The live stream will begin 7am Wednesday 29 May, and will wrap up shortly after 5pm Friday 31 May when Bryce has completed his bowling marathon.

All our shows will be broadcasting live from Pins, and we'll even have a few exclusive live stream content pieces for you eagle eye observers out there...

So watch this space!

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The Rumble & Mike King address fake news about I Am Hope and the $358k Spare Change fund

"The money is there, use it."


The Rock's Bryce Casey leads New Zealander of the Year nominations


WATCH: Mike King expands I Am Hope service after whooping $366k Spare Change donation

Together we raised over $366k - this is how it will be used.


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Bryce hands Mike King the official Spare Change cheque - job done.


YES BOY! The Rock's Bryce Casey nominated for New Zealander of the Year

Bloody well deserved, Bruce!


$366,602 total raised for Bryce's Spare Change bowling challenge for I Am Hope

That's 2,865 free counselling sessions to those who need it. Incredible.


WATCH: The Crowd Goes Wild's video coverage of Bryce's Spare Change challenge

The video even features washed up TV presenter, Andrew Mulligan.


The moment Bryce completed 58 hours of bowling and raised over $315k for charity

You legend, Bryce.


WATCH: Bryce's interview on The AM Show after raising over $200,000 for I Am Hope

On ya Bruce!


Mulls helps Bryce break through the rough 25th hour wall

This some inspiration stuff right here.


Jimmy Barnes talks to The Rumble about mental health and asking for help

It's Jimmy Barnes like you've never heard him before.


WATCH: Look back at Bryce's 2014 record-breaking bowling effort

What a champ!


Bryce & Mulls made sure Rog dug into his stingy pockets and donated to I Am Hope

We hatched a plan to make sure Rog does his bit.


Take a look back at Bryce's first 56-hour bowling challenge in 2004

Look at all that hair!!


Mike King on the impact Bryce's Spare Change challenge will have on suicide prevention

"100 percent of donations will go to helping young kids doing it tough"


Bryce announces his Spare Change for Change challenge supporting I Am Hope

It's time to stop losing our mates.