The Rock brings you Ultimate Athlete


The Rock bring you New Zealand's own iconic obstacle course race series... Ultimate Athlete.

Obstacle Course Racing is the fastest-growing participation sport in the world, and with events scheduled for kids through to pro athletes, it's set to provide a challenge for any that choose to embark on this unique journey.

The Ultimate Athlete course is designed to test all, with endurance and strength elements set over two distances and a teams' race. A triathlete or runner can take on a Crossfitter or strength-based athlete. Who's the best? Enter and prove yourself!

You'll run/walk, climb, swing, and crawl your way through this one-of-a-kind course that will push you to your limits through sand, grass, rocks, over trails and tarmac.

Bring your friends and family, make a team... you've got what it takes to become an Ultimate Athlete!!!!

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Race passes are on sale now! Get them here.

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