Americans react to the All Blacks demolishing USA 74-6

funny shit 02/11/2014
USA hosted the All Blacks in an exhibition game of test rugby in front of a soldout Soldier Stadium in Chicago during primetime TV viewing, exposing Americans to our national game in all it's glory. And let's just say it was fairly one-sided, with the AB's dominating the Yanks all game long to go on to convincingly (and easily) win 74-6.

But that didn't make the match any less entertaining. Especially if you were on twitter or other social media, observing the reactions of new-to-the-game Americans watching rugby (and the All Blacks) for the first time.

Most were in awe. Some couldn't understand why the All Blacks are so good at what they do. But everyone appreciated how entertaining the American commentary team were at calling the game, and how hilarious they were at trying to explain the rules of rugby.

Here are some of the best twitter reactions below.


And the best one of the day:

Regardless of how uncompetitive the game was, you have to admit it was awesome seeing the All Blacks play the running game against an energetic-yet-underskilled American squad. We'd be keen to watch that again.