Guy surprises his girlfriend on Valentine's Day with evidence of her cheating

funny shit 15/02/2016

The video was posted to Youtube by Kyle Boggess, who had had enough of being lied to, as he explains:

"Ok sorry for the vague explanation of the video this thing blew up and I've been getting bombarded with notifications. Ok so, We got together at the beginning of January. Immediately I told several of my friends "either this girl is perfect or a complete fucking liar." I had a bad feeling from the jump but gave her the benefit of the doubt until that feeling took over completely. I ignored her for a few days thinking things over then decided to play her game until I had rock hard evidence that she was lying. Wednesday I made a fake POF (online dating site) account to see if she was on there, after 10 minutes I found her profile. I messaged her on the fake profile while I was texting her on my phone. Literally within minutes of telling the fake profile she was single she told me she would kill me if I ever cheated on her and I better never do it. I made plans with her on the fake profile, then made plans with her while texting her. I blew her off on the fake profile the next day but she still tried to meet up with him and told me she had to work late. I printed off the screenshots and handed them to her as her "valentine's day card." This girl constantly told me how she was perfect for me, how I need a normal relationship, that she was going to rent her house out to someone and move to Tacoma where I live so she could be closer, blah blah blah. So yes, in her eyes she considered us very serious or at least thought she could make me think that. I was trolling her.

Other things she said that were complete lies: She's so secretive I couldn't find out any truth whatsoever to her. She told me she owns her own house outright, 3 mustangs and a bmw 540i, claimed she made a bunch of money in the stock market, that she worked at a feed store, then said she worked at mud bay in olympia, then said she worked at petsmart, then told my fake pof profile that she worked at a meat shop. Idk what the real story is but I played along long enough to get hard evidence and pay her back for thinking she could get over on me. This was perfect.

Oh, and ya, I know I sound dumb in this lol My brother and I started celebrating too early and had put away quite a few drinks before she showed up lol I was trying to remember my plan and contain my excitement but play it off to her the whole time. I'm a terrible liar so this was pretty hard to carry on for so long without being my normal blunt self.

Anyway, hopefully this will discourage future cheaters and manipulators. I'm no saint myself but if I were to cheat I would expect the exact same thing to happen to me."