Axl Rose wants this photo removed from the internet

Pics 07/06/2016

Axl Rose wants unflattering photos of him from a 2010 G'N'R show removed from the Internet forever, particularly if they've had words added mocking his appearance.

Anti-piracy company Web Sherrif has told Google to remove the images from its web search results and Blogger platform, saying Rose owns the original photo, reports Torrentfreak.

Google has yet to comply with the order.

The original photo, and others like it, were taken at a 2010 concert by Winnipeg Free Press photographer Boris Minkevich. He told Torrentfreak he had no idea Rose was trying to get them off the web.

According to Web Sherriff, photographers attending Guns N' Roses concerts sign away the rights of any pictures they take to the band. Mr Minkevich can't recall signing any waiver before the 2010 gig, but says it is fairly common.

Source: Newshub